Seagry Woods

Sutton Benger Village Hall, Chestnut Road, Sutton Benger, SN15 4RP


Running distance: 5 m

About this run route

Start / Finish

Sutton Benger Village Hall

A mixture of trail and road takes you through the scenic Seagry Woods.

Set out from Sutton Benger following the road towards Upper Seagry. Just after crossing the M4 bridge, take the bridle path on your left which leads down alongside the motorway.

Enter a field through the gate and make your way diagonally across the field to the top right-hand corner. Pick up the trail path which takes you to a farm.

Join a private road which brings you out onto Scotland Hill. Turn left up the hill, continue to the 2nd gate on your right where you can enter the woods.

Follow the trail through the woods. You will emerge out of the woods onto a by-way. Turn right and this will bring you out onto the road in Startley.

Turn right and follow the road into Upper Seagry. After leaving the village, turn right at the T-junction to return to Sutton Benger.