RunFit Chorley Through the woods and over the hill

Buckshaw Parkway Railway Station, PR7 7EY


Running distance: 5 km

About this run route

Start / Finish

Buckshaw Parkway Railway Station

Slightly challenging route through the Ancient woods and over the hill behind the retirement village

Leave the car park through the back gate and heading out under the bridge

Turn left onto Whitley Drive and continue to Brookwood Way

Turn left and continue along Brookwood past the duck pond up the slight incline until your reach the Ancient Woods, crossing at Atlas Avenue

**Option for shorter route by cutting through Hudson Drive

Turn right into the Ancient Woods and follow the path round to the right and over the wooden bridge until we get to the bottom of the hill

It’s then up and over the hill coming out opposite the flats at the end of Brookwood

Turn left to the end of Brookwood and then left up Central Drive

Cross at the pelican and then head towards the hub down the Holland House Way

Turn left into Rose Whittle Avenue

Loop round the hub and then back in past Nana Jan's and Tesco, crossing at the pelican