RunFit Chorley Over Teletubbies (ParcelForce Hill)

Buckshaw Parkway Railway Station, PR7 7EY


Running distance: 5 km

About this run route

Start / Finish

Buckshaw Parkway Railway Station

Slightly challenging route over Teletubbies - Also known as Parcelforce and Mossfield Nature Reserve) *** With a view of Blackpool Tower ***

Head out of the car park via Station Approach turning right onto Ordnance Road

Follow Ordnance Road past Tesco on the left to the Harvester/Warhorse Roundabout

Turn right onto Buckshaw Avenue towards The Seaview

Continue on Buckshaw Avenue to the pelican crossing

Cross to the path at the side of Encon

Follow the path up the hill taking the right hand fork

**For a longer route, take the next path on the right which will loops back to the top path**

***At the top of the hill, look to the right of the large grey warehouse and you can see Blackpool Tower***

Follow the path to the bottom of the hill then cross the road to Welch Walk

Follow Welch Walk and Liverpool Walk to the Children’s play park

**Opportunity to loop round park for extra Ks**

Turn left onto Guernsey Avenue and continue onto the path turning left at the triangle toward the hub

Cross onto Crompton Walk

**Opportunity to loop round hub for extra Ks*

Continue to end of Crompton Walk and cross at the pelican

Return to the carpark past Nana Jan’s and Tesco on the left