Rose Runners AND Up & Running Headingley SRG Loop: Otley Rd - Spen Ln - Queenswood Dr - Krikstall Ln - Cardigan Rd

Yorkshire Cricket Centre, Saint Michael's Lane, Headingley, OR , Up & Running, Headingley , 261 Otley Road, LS6 3BU OR LS16 5LQ


Running distance: 6.5 km

About this run route

Start / Finish

Yorkshire Cricket Centre OR Up & Running Headinlgey store

Depending on where you start (with the YCF Rose Runners or Up & Running SRG) there is a steady uphill followed by a steady downhill or a steady downhill followed by a stead uphill! All roadside and pavements with plenty of streetlights for the darker nights!

The route follows Otley Road all the way up to the Up & Running Headingley store where not long after we turned off onto Spen Lane and continued onto Queenswood Drive up Kirkstall Lane and down Cardigan Road and St Michael's Lane back to the Cricket Centre.

Naturally if you're starting at the Up & Running store, you would start heading onto Spen Lane and finish up the Otley Road!