River Avon run

Sutton Benger, SN15 4RP


Running distance: 2.6 m

About this run route

Start / Finish

Sutton Benger Village Hall

A trail route following the River Avon from Christian Malford to Upper Seagry.

From Sutton Benger village hall, turn left into Chestnut Road and immediately right into Bell Lane. Cross over the High Street and continue along Seagry Road.

Before you exit the village turn left into the car park of La Flambe pub, and head to the far left hand corner where there is a footpath leading into a paddock. Bear right towards the stile at the far corner of the paddock. Cross the stile and follow the footpath ahead, keeping the houses on your right side.

You will emerge into a field, continue straight across this field and climb over the stile into the next field. Continue straight across the field in line with the power lines. You will reach a stile which emerges onto the B4069 at Christian Malford. Cross the stile onto the road (take care as there is no footpath!). Turn left and cross the bridge then take the next left into Avonweir Lane.

At the end of the lane bear left crossing the driveway of the house in front of you. Head to the left side of the house where there is a footpath that takes you across the weir. Keeping the river on your right follow the riverbank for 1/2 mile. You will pass under the motorway bridge and eventually reach the end of a field where you are unable to continue following the riverbank. Bear left uphill following the hedgerow. At the top of the field cross the stile which brings you out onto a road.

Turn left and follow the road back to Sutton Benger. When you reach the High Street, cross over into Bell Lane and return to the village hall.