Peel 5K Loop

Western Swimming Pool, Derby Road, Peel, IM51Sw


Running distance: 5 km

About this run route

Start / Finish

Western Swimming Pool

uphill, Downhill, Flat, open space, narrow paths, it has it all.

Start at the speed bump at the pool carpark,go towards the main road and turn left. run towards the highwayman, minding the road that you will need to cross after the roundabout, stay on the path, and as you get to the roundabout follow it around onto oak road, stay on Oak road to the roundabout, there will be 5-6 roads to cross as you go along it. cross the Ramsey Road, and head left down the hill towards Peel. If it's dark you need to mind out for puddles, lumps, bumps and bushes. stay on the road until you get to Walpole Avenue (steep hill that goes down to the prom).

Down the hill and cross onto the prom, head towards the harbour. Cross the bridge, and turn left. Loop the harbour, crossing the bridge passing the kipper factory. stay with the road, and go along the back of the House of Manannan. Turn left back onto the harbour, and past The Creek. keep going along the harbour until you pass the peveril, (ignoring the smells of the Chinese, and chippy!) Turn right and right again, (climb starts here!) pass the Library and up towards the Vets.

Pass the vets, Legion, and turn left onto Michael Street, Through michael street, and when you get to the junction where the Isle of man Bank is, take the Ramsey road, (left of the Pizza Restaurant) and head up the hill, (minding a small carpark, and a steep slope. Right onto Mona Street, (lots of cars, beware if it's dark) and then at the end turn left onto Derby Road, and dig deep...

Cross Church Street, (its a cross roads so be aware of every direction, and continue up the hill. you will cross a few small roads, (including shoprite car park, keep an ear, and eye out for cars behind you.)

Pass shoprite, and turn left into the school car park, run through the car park and back out onto Derby road, left at the pool, and sprint to the speed bump (if there are no cars) and cross to finish 5K (don't kick the speed bump on the way past)