Olympus Park / Canal / Bristol Road

Kingsway Sports Pavilion Carpark, GL2 2AZ


Running distance: 5 km

About this run route

Start / Finish

Kingsway Sports Pavilion Carpark

* Head towards Woodvale and turn left at the lights under the Matalan Bridge

* Turn right and follow Olympus Park to the end

* Cross over at the lights carefully and continue down Bristol Road taking the first left into Sims Lane

* Cross the canal bridge and turn left onto the path

* At the next bridge turn left of the path onto Elmore Lane West

* Continue straight over the roundabout onto Elmore Lane East and straight onto Old Elmore Lane

* Turn right onto Bristol Road and cross carefully using the central bollards or crossing lights

* Turn left at the big roundabout and follow the road around to the right back under Matalan Bridge

* Turn right at the lights and back do the pavilion