Newhaven | Davy Way | Bristol Road

Newhaven Road, Kingsway, GL2


Running distance: 5 km

About this run route

Start / Finish

Kingsway Pavillion Carpark

Head down Newhaven road towards the Rose Tree Inn

Cross safely over onto Telford Road

At the police HQ go straight onto Davy Way Lane

Follow this around until you come out on the fly over (be careful here as it is dark and the path can be uneven) and then turn right onto Bristol Road

Follow Bristol Road all the way up to Tesco roundabout. Turn right at Miller & Carter and then turn left under the Matalan Bridge

Turn right again on to Woodvale and head towards home (it may come up a little short of 5km so add a little extra on if you wish to make it up to 5km)