New Path

Avenham Park Cafe, PR1 8JT


Running distance: 5 m

About this run route

Start / Finish

Cafe, Avenham Park

Start at the cafe, run up towards the Japanese gardens turn left and run across the bridge, follow the tram way. Keep following the path then at thesplit by Vernons take the right hand path way crossing Todd Lane North. 20 m before the path comes out on Brownedge road take the small path at the left and cross the A6 taking great care. Run down the path along Brownedge road towards Bamber Bridge and take the 1st left to Brownedge Close, follow around until the 'new' path in Central Park. Follow this path to the end, about 1 mile. This will take you to Hennel Lane. Turn left and cross the A6 on the footbridge, follow Hennel lane past the Hunters Pub. Cross the road and take the path behind the Spar. At the x roads by the park'playground turn right and follow the path down, keep straight on carefully crossing Carwood Way. At the split follow the tramway towards the closed tram bridge and hals way (by the metal posts) turn left then after 100m turn right up the hill. Follow the pathway back across the bridge and back to the cafe.