FRC Golden Valley and Sandgate (aka Winter Handicap)

Cheriton Rd, Folkestone, CT19 5JU


Running distance: 9.5 km

About this run route

Start / Finish

Three Hills Sport Centre

As a social run: 1K from the start then a two lap route with the second loop slightly shorter than the first. The first lap is flat and gently downhill for 2k, then about 500m uphill, and then 2k flat. The second lap is 1K flat, a short (50m) steep downhill followed by an uphill of similar length. We re-group at the top again. From there we complete the lap and return to Three Hills. In total it is about 9.5K.

As a race: In winter we use the two lap route as a handicap race for club members only. Runners are given a time handicap to indicate how many minutes behind the first runner they start. Handicaps are based on recent race times. The goal is to be the finish in as high a position as possible regardless of your handicap. The race is marshalled and timed. We wait for everyone to finish and jog back to Three Hills. The race distance is about 7k (

There are road crossings. These are mostly side turnings and traffic is very light, but still take care and wear hi-vis in poor lighting or at night.