Elmore Loop

Kingsway Sports Pavilion Carpark, GL2 2AZ


Running distance: 11 m

About this run route

Start / Finish

Kingsway Sports Pavilion Carpark

Head down Newhaven Road towards the Rose Tree Farm and at the roundabout turn right.

At the next roundabout go straight over onto Field Court Drive follow this all the way down to next roundabout

Turn left onto School Lane

Follow this around going straight at the next roundabout and right at the next roundabout (you will pass the Pilot on your left)

Cross over the canal.

Follow the road turn left at the next turning

Follow the Elmore loop all the way around returning past the Pilot Inn onto School Lane.

Turn right onto Field Court Drive and at the end go straight over the next two roundabouts

Follow Rudloe Drive back until you get to Pizza Hut.

Take the path at the back of Pizza Hut back to the Pavilion.