Dot on 5 miler - Coxhoe - Quarrington Hill and back

Coxhoe Village Hall, Front Street, Coxhoe, DH6 4DA


Running distance: 5 m

About this run route

Start / Finish

Active Life Centre

Scenic run with the majority on good paths (a couple gravel) and predominantly away from the run - not lit.

Starting at the Active Life Centre - run down towards the single track exit from the park (between the small cycling area and the wild garden) - exit the park and run down the track - coming out at the TARKA centre and Hippitots Nursery.

Cross the road - run down past the pub and the new houses being built - just before you get to the Venue and Parkhill Garden Centre - go right up the bridal path.

Continue straight on - past the farmhouses

Bare right with the bend in the track - continue straight on - at the top of the hill - go right

Continue straight on - you'll come out at the top of Quarrington hill - admire the view!!! then take a right run towards the village.

Take your next right turn onto a pathway/track behind the park and allotments - continue straight on and stay on the path - you go through the crowtrees nature reserve - down the big hill - and come out and the top of the Limes estate (the bottom of the recycling centre road - next to the Football ground). When you come out at the bottom of the recycling centre hill - run down the street towards Coxhoe Front Street and cross over the road.

Take the single track behind the TARKA centre and back up into the park finishing at the Active Life Centre.