Christmas Tree Route (winter)

Colmore Infant and Junior School - Grove Lane entrance, B14 6AJ


Running distance: 6.4 m

About this run route

Start / Finish

Colemore Infant and Nursery School

Turn left out of Colmore school entrance.

You’re going to run without a left or right turn until the first tree at Kings Norton Green.

Run along

Grove Rd

Brandwood Rd

Landmark- you’ll pass Broad Lane Chippy on your left hand side. (Mmm- chips!)

Traffic light controlled crossroad.

Continue straight up along Monyhull Hall Lane - eyes RIGHT- there are some Xmas tree beauties in some front gardens

Straight on at the roundabout- you need to be on the McDonald’s side of the road - on the right - so that you can run down the service road parallel to Parsons Hill (aren’t you glad you’re running down this and not up?!)

Continue to the roundabout - cross over to the KN Co-op and go to the your first Xmas tree on the green.


Run up towards the churchyard keeping the Co-op and that row of shops on your right - and bear right with the churchyard on your LEFT and turn left onto a narrow elevated bit of uneven pavement alongside Pershore Rd South that has railings.

Continue along Pershore Rd South - up a slog of a looong hill past Cotteridge fire station on your right.

Top of the hill - bear right to Cotteridge Church where you’ll see the second tree.


Cross the road to run down Watford Rd and then up into Linden Rd - as you run towards Bournville Green the beautiful Bournville tree will come into view.


Run along Sycamore and then Willow Rd before turning right onto Raddlebarn Rd, right down Umberslade Rd. Stirchley Co-op is at the bottom on your right and the Bournbrook Inn is on your left - turn left onto the Pershore Rd and then right up Cartland Rd - onwards and upwards! Left onto Vicarage Rd (blind corner- please slow down and look) and back to Colmore School via a right turn onto Grove Rd.