Castle Hill/Skidby/School

Castle Hill Hospital, HU16 5JQ


Running distance: 3.6 m

About this run route

Start / Finish

Grass outside the Admin Block at Entrance 1B.

We take the view that we’re better getting the tough bit out of the way so we swapped direction for this one from our original plan. From Entrance 1B, we turn right for the gradual incline up to the roundabout. We turn right and enjoy the nice downhill alongside the A164 before the toughest part of the route.

At the bottom, we turn left onto Eppleworth Road and then immediately right onto Skidby Hill. No way round it, just keep your eyes level, don’t look up and put one foot in front of the other. The good thing to note is it’s only about 600m (or not even half a mile in old money) so we’ll grit our teeth and get on with it. Watch out because we’ll be running on the road so remember to face oncoming traffic and run single file. At the top of the hill, we’re rewarded with glorious views of the surrounding countryside as we turn right at the Mill House Hotel. It’s flattish for a while until we get over the bridge straddling the A164. We’ve then got a nice gentle downhill sweep down Harland Way as we head back into the village. We follow the road onto Baynard Avenue and then onto Southwood Road as we head back to the hospital. Save a bit of puff for the climb back up Castle Road – it’s deceiving but it’s still a hill.

Red flags: On-road running, no footpaths at the start, commuter traffic and roads to cross

HUTH HURTS: 3/5 (Allison) 2/5 (Rachel)