Castle Hill/Humber Loop

Castle Hill to Willerby Low Road to Humber and return, HU16 5JQ


Running distance: 3.2 m

About this run route

Start / Finish

Grass in front of Admin Block near Entrance 1B

Brace yourself for it’s uphill from the start with this one. But, the good news is it’s only a short one and then we’ve got a lovely downhill on the track alongside the A164 immediately. Those hurtling down the hill need to watch out for the passing gate halfway. At the bottom of the hill, we’re turning right. Beware. There are no footpaths so it’s single file on the right hand side so we’re running towards oncoming traffic towards Cottingham.

It’s mostly flat to the village where we pick up residential streets, heading down Eppleworth Road and St Margaret Drive. Caution as we cross Castle Road onto Willerby Low Road. Again, it’s single file as the path, where there is one, is narrow. We turn right at the blue sign for the business park, remembering to admire the quaint row of terraced houses on the right. Heading towards the rugby fields on the left, get ready for another gradual incline, passing the entrance to Humber on the right and then up past Total Fitness. At the top, turn right onto the main road once more and follow the path back towards Castle Hill. Take care crossing the main road, as it’s likely to be busy still with commuters driving home. We’ll run down Castle Road on the right hand side, using the island near Entrance 2 to return to the starting point and try to avoid the worst of the traffic.

HUTH HURTS: 3/5 (Allison) 2/5 (Rachel)