Carterton - Short loop

Carterton Short loop, OX18 1AX


Running distance: 4.18 km

About this run route

Start / Finish

Carterton Community Centre OX18 1AX

Short flat route for beginners or people returning to running and a short recovery run.

Out of the Community Centre:

Turn left onto Lilac Way. At the bottom; Cross over the foot bridge onto Northwood Crescent. Turn right, follow round the bend and then turn first right into York Road. Follow York Road until the end of the bungalows. Turn left into Brizewood. at the end, turn left onto Burford Road. Follow down to the traffic lights. Turn right onto Upavon Way. Cross the road so road is on your right. Follow footpath passed Carterton Community College. Stay on the footpath until the end of the road, Mini roundabout. Turn left onto Alverscot Road towards Carterton. Stay on this road until centre of Carterton. Straight through the traffic lights; stay on the road until the end. Turn Left onto Upavon Way. Continue until traffic lights. Turn right at the lights onto Monahan way. Cross the road (road on your right) after 100 yards, footpath on your left. Turn onto footpath. Follow this passed medical centre then Sports centre. Cross small foot bridge, turn right and then immediate left. Follow footpath up the hill. Opens up onto Bluebell way. Cross over (road on right) up to the Co_op shop, turn left infant of the shop. You are back in the front of the Community Centre.

Well done 4.2 Km or 2.6 miles completed.