Boggart Hole Clough 3-2-1 Route 3

Boggart Hole Clough, Charlestown Road, Blackley, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M9 7DH


Running distance: 2.5 m

About this run route

Start / Finish

Start is by the children’s play area. Finish is by the athletics track

The Boggart Hole Clough 3-2-1 route comprises of three separate easy access, accurately marked and enjoyable routes of varying distances. Due to the nature of the park, the routes are hilly and challenging. The most suitable route for push chairs would be route 2 but beware of the steep downhill section called Angel Hill.

Route 3 follows route 1 and 2 to the bottom of Angel Hill but then takes the second path on the right up a steep climb to the far side of the park, around the top and back down the other side of the steep hill and then picks up route 2 up to the lake, 1 full lap of the lake and re-join the path up to the Athletics track and finish!

Please note:

The layout and usage of the marked 3-2-1 running routes is the responsibility of the local authority or further education establishment that purchases the route marking signs and usual health and safety and duty of care considerations should be followed in laying out open, even-surfaced, easy-to-follow, safe, accurate, well lit routes at all times - with the landowner’s permission. RunTogether will not provide materials with which to attach the markers.