4 Mile Club Run - Winter Flamingo

Colemore Junior School, B14 6AJ


Running distance: 4 m

About this run route

Start / Finish

Colemore Junior School

The route is as follows:

Turn left out of Colmore School, then take the left down Tenbury Road

At the bottom of Tenbury Road, take a sharp right, going up Featherstone Road

From the top of Featherstone Road, turn left down Brandwood Road, before turning left at the mini roundabout to go down Woodthorpe Road

Before reaching the Alcester Road, turn right down Sunderton Road

At the bottom of Sunderton Road, turn left onto Broad Lane followed by left again onto Alcester Road for Feck Hill

At the junction at the top, cross at the pelican crossing, turn right at the opticians, going down Taylor Road

Turn left at the bottom of Taylor Road (you should see a nursery), use the pelican crossing at the bottom.

Keep following Howard rd E past the Post Office Depot. Cross Alcester rd again using the pelican crossing and continue on Howard rd. The the first right All Saints rd, then veer left onto Abbots rd, turn left down Vicarage Road, turning left onto Grove Road after The Red Lion pub