10km (ish) Quarrington Hill/Coxhoe road and trail run

Quarrington Hill Community Centre, 4 Front Street North, Quarrington Hill, Durham, DH6 4QD


Running distance: 6.2 m

About this run route

Start / Finish

Quarrington Hill Community Centre

Start at Quarrington Hill Community centre and run towards Cassop.

When you get to the houses just before you go into Cassop - cut right down the side of the houses and onto the trail.

Follow the trail path downhill / uphill / downhill until you come out at the road (bottom of Kelloe)

Cross over the road and go back onto the trail through the woodland and bear right over the small footbridge then right again at the fork and up the Coxhoe trail run hill.

Turn left at the top of the hill and run down the Avenue, turn right and run down Front Street and continue past the village hall and over the mini roundabout.

Turn right into the Limes/Tip road (opposite the Tarka Centre).

Continue up the hill - then turn left into the crowtrees nature reserve - follow the wide footpath - right to the top of the hill until you come out at the road in Quarrington Hill and turn left and run back towards the Community Centre.