Changing Attitudes Q&A with Aston Chasers RunTogether member Alison Colquhoun

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Changing Attitudes Q&A with Aston Chasers RunTogether member Alison Colquhoun

Alison tells us how RunTogether does so much more than just making running a habit and also how she has even tried RunTogether tourism whilst on staycation in Grimsby. Not wanting to miss her Tuesday run, she booked in with The Wannabees. Alison said “They were very friendly and welcomed me even though I wasn’t local. I recommend RunTogether tourism!”

What is your previous running history?

From leaving school to the age of 30 I didn’t run. I was put off by school cross country, being told by the teachers to “just run” and the ones who were fast shot off to the front. I was so put-off I determinedly walked the whole course, eating sweets and talking to my best friend.

How did you become a RunTogether Member?

I joined Parkrun a few years ago in an effort to keep fit and because it seemed so inclusive. A few people who I kept seeing week after week at Parkrun, seemed to be chatting and enjoying it, and invited me to their running group.

I thought a running group it would be too serious, or you had to be fast, but after visiting Aston Chasers for the first time it was clear it’s a group that prioritises having fun and looking after each other over fast running. Although there are some speedy groups too if that’s your thing!

What is something unexpected you have learnt as a RunTogether Runner?

With the encouraging Run Leaders I’ve learnt about things like breathing, pacing, and posture. Looking back, it would have been great to have insight and encouragement like this at school, and to understand back then that it’s a skill you can develop like anything else.

25% of RunTogether groups are ‘Keep Me Going’ Groups how would you describe Aston Chasers’ dynamic?

My group is a ladies’ group with three speed groups so everyone is welcome. I love that they are named after shades of pink: Neon, Fuchsia and Blush. I’m particularly grateful to the Run Leaders I’ve run most with, in the Blush group, Natalie, Kim, Emily and Jodie.

Being accepted and supported by this group has led me to enjoy running, run more than 5k for the first time in my life, and I even feel like I miss out if I don’t go every Tuesday. I never thought I would be someone who would voluntarily go out and run on a cold, dark rainy evening! I would encourage anyone who is thinking of joining a group to give it a go, you won’t regret it.

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