Karen Allbrighton


"I first joined So Let’s Go Running (Bexley) back in March 2016 when I wanted to run regularly after seeing a banner advertising the sessions at East Wickham Open Space in Welling.

I was impressed at how welcoming everyone was and really enjoyed the session. I came along to a few more sessions and soon became a regular. I enjoyed how friendly people were and over time these people turned into run buddies and friends.

The sessions organised by Dawn Annett and Brian Page were always varied and inclusive. I started bringing my young son as he wanted to know what Mummy did that made her come home so happy!

Everyone at the group was so supportive to my son! He really looks up to the runners and is inspired!

I happily discovered I was expecting in May 2017 and was due in January 2018. With the help of the Group Leaders I was able to run up until I was six months pregnant and even achieved a 5k PB over that summer!

I still attended socially and cheered on the club during my rest period, and luckily I was able to return to running just three months after having my son.

My first run back was particularly important to me as it was a MIND event. Running helps me mentally and I completed my first post-pregnancy 5km run in approximately 40 mins. I attended the group regularly again and with the help of the Run Leaders and the group, I gradually increased my stamina and strength, achieving a 5km parkrun in 33 mins just four weeks later.

The group is so important to me; I'm a much better person having been able to get out and run regularly.

Even after a terrible night’s sleep, I know if I can get out the door and run I feel much happier and rested!

I now run three times a week with people from the group and I love it! We all help each other with motivation and coaching tips. Running with this #RunTogether group has been one of the best choices I have ever made, not only for my mental and physical health, but for helping others too!

As I write this, I've just completed another 5km PB that I achieved with a younger member of the group pacing me!"

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