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Name: Diana Postle
Age: 65
Role: Runner, RunTogether Up The Tempo, Norwich

Diana found that her local RunTogether group, ‘Up the Tempo’ offered her the break and support that she needed whilst dealing with the emotional loss of losing her husband to cancer in 2015. “Nigel was my one true love.  We originally met in Norwich in 1969 but in 1971 we split up. In time we ended up losing contact.”

 He came back into my life after 35 years and we married at last in 2006. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with cancer and I was his primary carer until he passed away at Christmas in 2015. For three years, I had been going through the hardship of my husband’s illness, death and the aftermath of that. I felt I needed to break out of the four walls of my house which became a prison to me, having been thrown into the overwhelming task of clearing the house on my own. Then suddenly RunTogether ‘Up the Tempo’ came into my life. What a difference and what timing! I so badly needed to be ‘lifted up’ which I have been.”

 Having been a regular runner before, Diana found that joining the RunTogether ‘Up the Tempo’ brought a new purpose to her life and helped her to rebuild her confidence week after week. As the group continued to train and progress throughout the year, the group was challenged to take part in events and found that they began to thrive through their new sense of achievement.

Running in a group has been a ‘medicine’ to Diana, as she credits RunTogether as a form of therapy: “Grief can take many forms in people’s lives. I have experienced two types, both bringing loss with emotional pain: divorce and bereavement. The former came in the form of betrayal and rejection, while the latter caused me bewilderment and disorientation. Running in a group has had its benefit by giving me a feeling of being ‘safely enclosed’ with others around me, yet not smothered by people’s focused attention nor even feeling claustrophobic, which can happen in a crowded place when vulnerable. The friendships I have made along with the fun and laughter of the comradery has been incredible medicine. Not only the Run Leaders but also the group members lift one another up and cheer one another on to being, as well as doing, our best. The group dynamic produces a positive atmosphere which permeates throughout the conversations we share while running and at coffee time.”

Diana has also noticed the wellbeing effects from the release of endorphins, and feels younger and more confident. Her body has become more toned, and she has gained strength and flexibility.

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