Partnering with Alzheimer’s Research UK

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This Dementia Action Week, RunTogether, England Athletics and Alzheimer’s Research UK are announcing a partnership that will help shine a light on the issue of dementia and drive action and awareness across the country’s running communities.

Alzheimer’s Research UK is the UK’s leading dementia research charity. Over the coming year, the two organisations will pilot activities and awareness campaigns to engage the hundreds of thousands of athletes and runners of all abilities, coaches and leaders that form England Athletics’ membership. There will be a particular emphasis later in 2022 on Think Brain Health, Alzheimer’s Research UK’s ongoing campaign to help the public understand the essential ingredients of lifelong brain health, and how looking after our brains can help reduce our dementia risk. Heart health is a key component of good brain health, so England Athletics represents a natural partner to the initiative. But social connection is another important factor for brain health, so EA’s RunTogether community can be a powerful force for promoting the benefits of social running across the country. Welcoming the launch of the partnership, Alzheimer’s Research UK Director Tim Parry said:

“It’s been great developing some joint thinking with England Athletics, whose work represents such a positive force across the country in supporting the nation’s brain health. Running and athletics at any level is such a healthy activity, and the sense of supportive community that England Athletics has created around its athletes and runners further boosts the organisation’s potential as a brain health ambassador. We’re really looking forward to exploring what we can do together over the coming year.”

Chris Jones, CEO of England Athletics, said:

“We firmly believe that leading an active lifestyle can support the maintenance of good physical and mental health and we know that our great sport can play a key role in this and in helping to raise the awareness of the importance of brain health. Our member clubs, running groups, and road race partners already do some fantastic work in this area through the services they provide and the events that are organised for thousands of participants of all abilities. We look forward to raising further awareness of the importance of brain health through these extensive networks.”
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