Runner of the Month Award - January 2022

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We are excited to announce that the RunTogether Runner of the Month winner for January 2022 is Andrea Waller. Andrea has received the zip track top pictured above. The track top was kindly gifted by Kukri, sponsor of the RunTogether monthly running group awards. We get nominations from local running groups across the country, so well done to Andrea for all your hard work.

"Proud to describe myself a Runner”

Commenting on her running group award, Andrea said: “I am still constantly surprised and yet proud to describe myself as a runner.”

“When I joined Emma and Run Mums local running club three years ago, aged 54, I had never run before in my life. Three years on, I regularly run 10k three times a week, and I completed more than 600 miles last year, and really enjoyed it.

“I started to run to help my fitness and whilst it undoubtedly helped my fitness; by far the biggest gains have been to my self-confidence and the number of friends I have made, as well as the improvement in my overall mental health. Now whenever I have a problem I just go for a run. I would never have got through Lockdown without the power of just getting out there and running.”

“Through Emma and Run Mums there’s always another ‘mum’ who knows how it feels and is willing to join me on those dark mornings or evenings, or in the summer longer routes and trail runs across the moors or Chevin nearby.”

Run Leader, Emma Thompson’s nomination rationale

Emma Thomson is the Run Leader of local running group Run Mum’s, based in Otley. Emma nominated Andrea for the running club award saying: “Andrea always comes to our scheduled runs and is so very supportive of the group and other runners. Andrea has progressed from Run Mums 0-5k and beyond. She ran at the Leeds 10k in October and got a fantastic time. She is an inspiration to us all and Run Mums is very proud of what she is achieving with her running.”

Andrea’s advice

When asked by RunTogether on what recommendations she could provide to anyone who is unsure how to start running, Andrea said: “my recommendation to one and all is’ give it a go. If I can do it, anyone can! Emma Thomson made me believe I could run and still encourages me now.”

“Running as a group keeps me focused and motivated it really does feel like it’s fun.”

Thank you and congratulations Andrea from Emma and RunTogether HQ. If you’re wondering how to start running or where to find running groups near me, get in touch with us at RunTogether. Find a RunTogether running group or browse our tips and advice page for great running information for beginners.

For more information about RunMums click here to check out their details

This will be our final RunTogether Runner of the month award for a few months, but stay tuned, we'll be back shortly with more exciting competitions.

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