Run Leader Award August 2021: Nic Heron

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We are pleased to announce our first Run Leader Award winner - under Kukri’s sponsorship and for August 2021 - is Nicola Heron, Run Leader, Let's Run Rugby.

Nominations for this award come from Runners across our entire RunTogether community and the now 3000+ groups. Judging the winner from the nominations is the difficult task for RunTogether HQ and Kukri.

Passionate about getting people involved

Accepting her award, Nicola said:

"I'm passionate about getting people involved in running, as it's had such a positive impact on my life and I want to share that with others.  I'd also previously helped to deliver beginner groups in London so when I moved to Rugby last year, it seemed natural to set up a group here. Given the lockdowns, I felt it was even more important to provide a space where people who wanted to start running could do so. After waiting for restrictions to ease, I started the first Let's Run Rugby beginner's group in April 2021.  It was great to see everyone's progress over the 12 weeks which culminated in the group completing 5k (on one of the hottest days of the year!). "

Thanks too to Nicola's nominator

In addition to thanking Nicola for her achievements, RunTogether HQ would like to thank her nominator Michelle of Let's Run Rugby. Michelle highlighted Nicola’s excellent people skills, care and enthusiasm for running as well as knowledge. Michelle also talked about how Nicola helped her specifically recounting how she did not enjoy running at first but how she wanted to see if she could learn to run and build up to a 5k.

The beginner course Nicola offered was so welcoming and each week Michelle achieved a bit more. Michelle also highlighted how Nicola’s encouragement on Facebook when we completed a run was so kind and motivating and the additional core workouts posted on Facebook were easy to follow. Michelle has now signed up to the 'keep me going' sessions and she enjoys running now and looks forward to the Tuesday sessions.

Nicola has received (as seen in the photo) a Kukri gilet as her award prize – thank you Kukri.

Make your nominations!

And don’t forget Run Leaders can nominate a runner for the Runner Award for September. Click here for more information and to nominate online.

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