Runners Get Going in Garston


A new year's resolution led to 2 new members of the GetGoing! Garston running group in Liverpool, and achievements never thought possible.  Here they tell their story:

As a New Year resolution, a friend and I decided to try and do something new and challenging every month; January we decided to join a running group. We’d been going for a few small runs but with lots of stops and used any excuse not to go.

After some arm twisting my friend persuaded me to join GetGoing! Garston. I had an irrational fear of joining a running group and thought everyone was going to be intimidating, extremely fit and I’d be left panting out of breath at the back. GetGoing! Garston are a fun, welcoming group of people that don’t take themselves too seriously, offer lots of encouragement and always seem to make you laugh so you don’t realise how far you’re running or how tired your legs may be.

GetGoing! GarstonAfter a couple of weeks of going you could say we had caught the ‘running bug’ and were enjoying ourselves running with the Group each week - before I knew it we had run 7k one night and it felt like a great achievement. We started running an extra day with some of the ladies from GetGoing! who were in half marathon training and took part in a couple of parkruns.

I broke my ankle (not running) in February so had to take some time off, it surprised me how much I missed it and also missed the group. When I had the OK from the physio I was back at GGG as soon as possible. I was a bit apprehensive and didn’t want to do anything that would cause injury but the group leaders were on hand with support and advice which made me feel a lot more confident than I would have running by myself.

I’ve met some great people at GetGoing! Garston and have recommended the group to other friends I know who want to improve their running. I’m so glad that I did join the group as our challenge for January, I’ve got my first 5.5mile cross country race coming up, I feel much fitter and happier. I actually look forward to going for a run with the group – something I never thought I would say!    


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