Supporting Mental Health Awareness Week 16-22 May


Run England are supporting Mental Health Awareness Week from 16-22 May 2016. The week is organised and promoted by the Mental Health Foundation and this year’s theme is relationships.

Relationships are fundamental to our health and wellbeing. We cannot flourish as individuals and communities without them. In fact, they are as vital as better-established lifestyle factors, such as eating well, exercising more and stopping smoking.

Girls runningThe Mental Health Foundation is the UK’s leading mental health and learning disability charity providing information, carrying out research, campaigning and working to improve services for anyone affected by mental health problems. We are supporting the Mental Health Foundation in asking everyone to go the extra mile in prioritising their relationships. We are calling on people to make a relationship resolution: to assess how much time we actively commit to building and maintaining good relationships, and to ask whether we can invest more in being present with and listening to friends, family and colleagues.

Regular participation in sport and physical activity has shown to have significant benefits on our health. Workplace group menRun England recognises the contribution that running can play in supporting wellbeing and mental health and is encouraging clubs and groups to get involved to promote their activities as a way to foster good relationships and improve mental and physical well-being.

Once again we are encouraging everyone to ‘run and talk’. So prioritise a relationship and grab a friend, family member or colleague and get out for a run with them!  Tell us about it and encourage others to get out running and talking using #runandtalk.

Why not support your club or group leaders or coaches to develop their knowledge around mental health using the England Athletics and Sport in Mind ‘Mental Health and Athletics’ resource?

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