Parkrun's junior volunteer – one year on


Join In is the nation’s charity for local sports volunteering.  They support the clubs and groups who need volunteers most, promote opportunities for people to lend a hand, and recognise the huge social value created by volunteers with their campaigns.

Last year, Join In spoke to Lucy Tickle, one of parkrun’s youngest volunteers. Through her volunteering, Lucy Tickle helps make her local parkrun happen. Join In caught up with Lucy again to see how her volunteering and running are going.

Do you still help out at your local parkrun?

Yes, when I have a running event at a weekend, it’s the perfect time to volunteer at parkrun.

Have you tried out any new volunteering roles? Were they fun?

I have tried token sorting, which involves sorting them into order ready for the following week. This role is fun as we do this in the café and get a hot chocolate with marshmallows!

Do your mum and dad do the same?

Yes, my mum and dad also volunteer. My dad enjoys marshalling with my younger sister Holly and my mum loves barcode scanning as she enjoys briefly chatting with the runners after they’ve finished.

How is your own running going? How many parkruns have you done now?

My running is going really well because six months ago I started with Stan Taylor, who is a volunteer middle distance coach at my athletics club, Blackpool Wyre and Fylde. Stan is a fantastic coach because he doesn’t push us too hard but seems to get the best out of us at each training session.

Last week I achieved a new PB of 21:29 at Lytham Hall parkrun and was also second in the women’s category. Last week was my 60th parkrun – I was really excited to receive my 50th t-shirt at the end of last year.

What is your funniest parkrun moment?

My funniest moment at parkrun was when we all dressed up for the Halloween parkrun.

Are you still finishing ahead of your mum!?

Yes, because I train with a coach and my mum doesn’t. She thinks she’s good enough without one!

  • You can find out how Lucy got started at her local parkrun on the Join In website.
  • Pictured is Dave Moorcraft with Lucy, and her mum and brother
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