Norwich Mind lead a local workplace beginner running course


The Norfolk Suffolk Participation project has recently developed a new partnership with Norwich Mind to lead a local beginner running course.

Paul Evans, Activator for the Norfolk & Suffolk Participation projected said, "As part of Active Norfolk’s workplace programme in partnership with Norwich Mind we decided to run a 6 x week beginners' running group for staff, some of the participants had not run before so it was a case of mainly walking with a small amount of running on week 1, but as the weeks progressed the walking became less and the running became more.

By week 6 all participants were able to run 3 miles without stopping. All sessions included a good warm up/cool down with information on shoes, injury prevention and most importantly how to get the most out of their running”.

The beginner running group proved to be a great success, and as a result Norwich Mind will be looking to continue on a regular basis and train new local LiRF leaders.

In speaking about the success of the new running sessions, Rose Bonner from Norwich Mind commented, "Norwich and Central Norfolk Mind realise that workplace wellbeing is such an important part of a modern work environment. Groups such as the 6 week beginners' workplace running group are great tools for improving employee wellbeing."

Workplace running programmes provide a range of benefits for employers and employees alike. Running can improve psychological and physical wellbeing, reduce absenteeism by helping protect against a wide range of serious illnesses such as cancer and heart disease, as well as helping with helping reduce anxiety and relieve mild depression.

She continued, "Everyone who attended the free 6 week beginners' running group thoroughly enjoyed it. We all stuck to it and were very proud of ourselves when we managed to run 3 miles by the end of 6 weeks. It was so successful that we are now looking at implementing a permanent running group!"

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