Run England group encourages enthusiastic beginners


James Welbury & Sharon Wheeler of Crowborough Runners set up a Run England beginners' group with the Club a couple of years ago. From the first session on a wet day with only a couple of runners, they now have 30 signed up to the group. At least five have now completed parkruns successfully, two have run other races and one lady completed her first marathon in Brighton this spring.

Having a separate Run England group has encouraged enthusiastic beginners, many of whom started from scratch with the group, to start running whereas they may have been put off by seeing the advanced group dashing round the local running track at the Tuesday adults sessions before the group was set up.

A number  have also now started to join in other Club sessions as they progress and are fully paid up members also becoming volunteer helpers for the Club at events. The group attracts people from all age groups including young mu's who want to get fit after having families, younger runners and older runners alike.

The group is also helping the Club to promote the Club's plan to get the old cinder track upgraded to a modern, all weather facility.

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