British Sign Language videos supporting Run England


A series of British Sign Language (BSL) videos for the Run England website have now been launched. The videos will support more people who are deaf or hard of hearing to find out about the Run England programme and how to take part.

One in six people in the UK have some form of hearing loss. This equates to over 10 million people, a number which is set to rise to around 14.5 million by the year 2031 (Action on Hearing Loss, 2011).  With recent insight from UK Deaf Sport suggesting 31% of people who are deaf or hard of hearing use BSL as their preferred method of communication the videos will be vital in providing accessible information about running (UK Deaf Sport National Sport and Physical Activity Survey).

The videos include information on what Run England is, how to join Run England, how to find a group, how to find a route, safety tips and how to become a leader.

England Athletics, National Disability Manager Liz Purbrick said "I’m really pleased that we have been able to provide these videos to support our work to support more people who are deaf or hard of hearing to start running. These resources further support our existing resources to help clubs and groups become more inclusive and England Athletics commitment towards engaging more disabled people in the sport."

The videos can be found on the relevant areas of the Run England website; click here to visit.

  • If you are deaf and would like BSL information to find a local running route click here
  • Or for BSL information on how to find a group click here
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