Fitness First Home Run seeks Run Guides


Fitness First Home Run are looking for passionate runners, based in London, who want to share their passion for physical activity with others and inspire them to use their commute as an exercise session.

Fitness First Home Run is a programme designed to encourage more people to get active in central London and make running more accessible by transporting all their baggage to the meeting points.

Twice weekly Home Run sessions are led by two Run Guides, who lead all participants on specifically designed running routes within the capital. These routes are between four and seven miles long.

The Tottenham Court Road to Highbury and the Canary Wharf to Waterloo routes are in need of additional Run Guides to take the lead and ‘own’ the sessions, support participants and promote the programme.

Workplace deskAll Run Guides must be:

  • Competent and regular runners ('intermediate' and above)
  • Upbeat, motivational and reliable
  • Able to run the below distances at approx. 9 minute mile pace
  • Able to get to the start meeting points for 17:50
  • Happy to run at a variety of paces, determined by the session’s participants

Pay is £15 per session (two Run Guides per session and two sessions per week, per route).

Tottenham Court Road to Highbury (4.68 miles) takes place every Monday and Thursday and Canary Wharf to Waterloo (via Bank) (to Bank 3.42 miles) (Bank to Waterloo 5.02 miles) is every Monday and Wednesday.

So if you have a Leadership in Running Fitness qualification and are interested in this opportunity, please contact Fitness First Home Run with details of your running experience and preferred route at Find out more at

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