Running groups for beginners and intermediates in Greater Manchester

If you or a friend lives in Greater Manchester and you're interested in starting jogging, these running groups for beginners and intermediates could be just the ticket!
Moor Running Friends is a great running group which supports beginner runners! They meet at Heaton Moor Park (Stockport) every Saturday morning at 11am in the pavilion.
The group - led by a passionate and qualified group leader – offers warm ups, fun running activities, a main run in the park (very gradually building up strength and endurance) with a focus on running technique and cool downs.
For more info please contact Chris Hodkinson at
If you have already started jogging and built up to being able to handle 5K, Active Living is also starting a running support group in Leigh at Pennington Flash Country Park, to help people progress.
The Pennington Flash sessions will start on Sunday 28th April and run until Sunday 20th June. This group is ideal for anyone currently running 5K but would like to increase their distance to 10K.
These are support sessions, not speed sessions, and are open to anyone over the age of 16. The sessions offer a great opportunity to keep fit, meet new people and the sessions are led by an experienced group leader – for only £1 per session.
For more info, contact Active Living on 01942 488 481 or visit
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