Time to give your running a boost?

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Why not join one of our running groups to get the buzz of running with people like you and the support of a qualified leader?

Whether you are looking to make sure this year's New Year's resolution really lasts, take in a spring marathon, lose a few pounds or gain some friends Run England can help you.

Run England is the official recreational running programme of England Athletics and caters for absolute beginners right the way through to more experienced runners.

Whether you are new to running, still a beginner, or a regular runner or jogger - our groups, group leaders, newsletters and other member benefits are here to help you every step of the way, whatever your age, fitness level, aspiration, background, or location!

Sit back and take a look at the video below which explains a bit more about what we do.

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Why join Run England?

Run England is absolutely free to join by completing the short, secure sign up form - and with plenty of member benefits on offer, it's well worth it! Exclusive member benefits include:

  • £15 Sweatshop running shoes voucher
  • 15% off Sunwise sunglasses
  • 25% off Run England T-shirts
  • Special member discounts at England Athletics' online store
  • eRunner newsletter with news, tips, competitions & more
  • Be a part of the nation's official recreational running community!

Make sure you opt-in to receive news and information on the world of running and fitness. You will receive our eRunner newsletter which contains details on how to redeem your member offers as well as national and local news, tips, competitions and more! So don't hang around, sign up for free now.

What else does Run England offer?

Run England can help you in your running journey by:

  • Helping you find the support and motivation of running with others in local registered running groups led by qualified, insured group leaders. Find your nearest group at www.runengland.org/groups.
  • Creating a national recreational running community that you can be a part of. Run England also has a thriving online community. Follow @runengland on Twitter and Like Run England on Facebook for more.
  • Signposting you to your nearest Run England 3-2-1 marked routes that have been created by local providers. For more on 3-2-1 routes see www.runengland.org/3-2-1.

See www.runengland.org/about for more detail on what Run England is all about. Or head to our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/runengland.

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