Run Chichester groups thriving!


The Sussex-based Run Chichester project started 2013 with the formation of another beginner running group and an extension group in the local area of West Wittering.

Keen runner Rob Wiggins, a member of Chichester Runners, only started a group for first time joggers in November last year and has been amazed at how quickly numbers have risen. Sixteen people started initially and there is now enough interest for two more groups!

Talking about one incident that stuck out, the group leader said:

“One woman joined because she wanted to go out running with her children, juniors at Chichester Runners. Soon after she completed the eight week programme, she turned up on a Tuesday night with a big grin reporting that she had been out with her 14 year old daughter and it was the teenager who had wanted to stop for a rest. That made me smile!”

Good luck to Rob and everyone at Run Chichester! Keep up the good work!

Find out more about the Run Chichester groups at

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