Great work everyone! Run England membership is booming


After just 10 weeks, there are now more than 3,000 people signed up as members of Run England as the recreational running community gathers more and more momentum.

There is a wide spectrum of abilities from absolute beginners to more seasoned runners, as well as a diverse mixture of members which make up almost 500 Groups from the Beginners Group with Hayle Runners in Cornwall to the Run a Mile Group in Northumberland. Run England really is for everyone.

Run England project leader Geoff Wightman said: “It’s great to see Run England picking up steam and a big thank you must go out to all our members and especially our Group Leaders whose expertise and commitment makes a huge difference.

“More and more people are discovering the joy of running – in some areas, such as Sheffield, groups are being set up at the rate of one per week.

“It’s important that Group Leaders now make sure everyone involved is signed up so that they can take advantage of all the benefits on offer and receive encouragement and support from all Run England members across the country.”

If you’re not yet a member of a group, you can look for a local Group using our Group Finder map at or find out more about setting up your own Group at

All Run England Group Leaders are qualified and insured with a valid coaching license.

To sign up for free membership and take advantage of all the benefits Run England offers, please visit

Be a part of Run England’s online community by going to

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