Want to spread your love of running? Could you lead a running group?


If you have a love of running that you like to share with others ‘Run England’ is here for you.

Run England is the new recreational running programme from England Athletics to help people take their first steps in running as well as catering for beginners, and recreational runners who have put a few more miles under their shoelaces.

The Run England project replaces the Run in England programme, previously delivered on behalf of England Athletics by the Women’s Running Network. All existing running group leaders who have qualified through a Leadership in Running and Fitness course will continue to be covered by covered for insurance purposes on the same terms (including the need for their licence to be current with an up to date CRB check). The Leadership in Running Fitness and new Coach in Running Fitness courses are being offered in all parts of the country.

Any groups being led by qualified leaders or coaches can be registered with Run England. This includes groups led by qualified individuals, by community based organisations, by employers or as beginners sections of running or athletics clubs. As long as they are led by suitably qualified leaders they can be recognised as Official Run England Groups and promoted through the Run England website at www.runengland.org and other channels including the Run England member ebulletins. It is free to register a group and runners are also able to join Run England as individuals free.

Run England Project Manager, Geoff Wightman said, “The work done by group leaders was fundamental to the successes of the Run in England project – these were usually people who had taken the Leadership in Running Fitness qualification to gain their licence.

“With the new Run England project we want to build on that success but have also taken decisions to make the project more relevant and accessible to more people who provide groups for beginners. We have made membership free - both to register as a group/leader and as an individual, and we have removed guidance on how much groups should charge per session.

“We believe this will benefit many groups which will now be able to apply whatever membership and weekly fees they believe is suitable and retain that money, subject of course to tax and any other obligations.

 “Groups will be able to operate under the Run England banner to help them convey to newcomers that the group is suited to them and officially recognised by England Athletics. The group can also then benefit from the work done by Run England to find potential new runners, direct them to a local group and then encourage them to do their running as part of that group environment with the benefits of a qualified leader and the support of the wider group.”

People wanting to know more about becoming a group leader or registering their group(s) should visit www.runengland.org/leader.

The recruitment for four Regional Coordinators for Run England will close shortly and local activators will be recruited in May and June. The new Run England website at www.runengland.org includes the free sign up facilities for groups and individuals as well as more details about the project.



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