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What are RunTogether group runs?

Fun, organised runs/jogs with other people, led by qualified group leaders. Group leaders are trained and insured by England Athletics, the membership and development body for grassroots athletics and running in England.

Are RunTogether groups for me?

Whether you're a complete beginner, an occasional jogger, or an experienced runner looking to challenge yourself, there are RunTogether groups to suit everyone. Whichever session you choose, you'll find a friendly, supportive environment where you can have fun and work towards your own personal goals with other people at a similar stage on their running journey. There is no pressure to compete or run a specific pace, distance, or time, it really is about lacing up your trainers and taking part.  

All RunTogether leaders have been trained and are insured to deliver group running sessions with safety and inclusivity at their core. We've developed three categories to help you find the right sessions to join:


Get me started

These sessions are for you if you're a beginner runner/ jogger, or if you've not run for a while and want a gentle introduction. There is no minimum standard or level of experience. It's fine to walk a bit, jog a bit, walk a bit more. As the name suggests, it's about helping you to get started.

Keep me going

These runs are for you if you generally run at least twice per month and feel comfortable running/jogging around 5km without stopping.

Challenge me

These run sessions are for runners who typically run at least once every week and are looking to increase their pace and / or running distance.

Where and when do RunTogether group runs take place?

Thousands of RunTogether groups operate all over England. Routes include rural, urban and workplace environments. You can search for your nearest group to home or work using your postcode. RunTogether groups launched in September 2016 and we plan to continue growing the number, and location, of sessions over the coming months. If you cannot find a suitable group near you now, please let us know what you're looking for so that we can contact you when new groups are launched. 

Running sessions take place morning, noon and night, seven days per week. Search using your postcode to find the runs most convenient for you. 


How much do group runs cost?

Many sessions are free of charge, whilst some group leaders make a small charge to runners to take part in their groups runs. All sessions are clearly marked either as 'free' or their cost is stated. Where charges apply, all money goes directly to the Group that has organised the run. RunTogether does not take any commission.


Is RunTogether the same as Run England? 

Very similar, but with lots of improvements. As with Run England, the goal of RunTogether is to provide opportunities for more people to access running in a safe and supportive environment. However, following a detailed review of Run England in 2015 during which leaders, runners and various other stakeholders were asked for their honest views and experiences, the following improvements have been made:

For Everyone

  • New name and brand, allowing groups to create their own logos whilst being part of the wider community
  • New website where runners register and book onto sessions online (no more paper forms)
  • Free personal 'My RunTogether' page for every runner to track their runs and favourite routes
  • (Optional) monthly e-newsletters to keep you updated with news, tips and RunTogether updates

For Group Leaders

  • Mobile app, allowing leaders to see how many people have registered for each sessions, 'check-in' their runners and if they usually take cash payments, this will also be available online
  • A range of marketing materials and expanding merchandise range, starting with t-shirts, helping run leaders to grow their groups
  • New run leader mentors to provide ongoing training, development and support for group leaders
  • Run Leader Toolkit, including useful information and advice on how to operate a successful running group
  • More frequent e-newsletters with opportunities for continued professional development (CPD)

Interested in becoming a Run Leader?

If you're interested in leading RunTogether Groups, we have training and support to help you through the process. FIND OUT MORE

Setting up a RunTogether Group

When you're ready to set up your RunTogether Group, take a look at our simple four-step guide.