Frequently asked questions

Why should I register with RunTogether?

It’s free and straight-forward to register with RunTogether and there are lots of benefits:

  • Find and choose from 1000s of RunTogether group running sessions up and down the country
  • A simple online booking process to reserve your chosen run group sessions
  • Hundreds of running routes all over England, which you can download and save to your smart phone
  • Personal ‘MyRunTogether’ page for tracking and saving your run group sessions and routes
  • Running support services and articles to help you start and continue to run 
  • The assurance that RunTogether GroupLeaders are fully trained and insured by England Athletics, the membership and development body for grassroots athletics and running in England
  • Monthly e-newsletters with news, tips and advice from RunTogether

Are RunTogether groups the same as Run England?

Very similar, but with lots of improvements. As with Run England, the goal of RunTogether is to provide opportunities for more people to access running in a safe and supportive environment. However, following a detailed review of Run England in 2015 during which leaders, runners and various other stakeholders were asked for their honest views and experiences, the following improvements have been made:

For Everyone

  • New name and brand, allowing groups to create their own logos whilst being part of the wider community
  • New website where runners register and book onto sessions (no more paper forms)
  • Free personal 'My RunTogether' page for every runner to track their runs and favourite routes
  • (Optional) monthly e-newsletters to keep you updated with news, tips and RunTogether updates

For Group Leaders

  • Mobile app, allowing leaders to see how many people have registered for each session, 'check-in' their runners and if they usually take cash payments, this is also available online

  • A range of marketing materials to help leaders promote and grow their groups

  • Run Leader Tool Kit, including useful information and advice on how to operate a successful running group

  • Monthly e-newsletters with the latest news, offers, competitions and opportunities for continued professional development (CPD)

Do RunTogether Groups charge?

Around half of all RunTogether Group runs are free of charge and half make a small charge. As a runner, you can search by 'free only' sessions using the search filters. There are two ways to pay for your runs - online payments or cash, it's best to check which method the Run Leader of your chosen run(s) accept.

Can I run with my buggy?

Our qualified Run Leaders are insured to lead training sessions with runners using running buggies, however, please check with your Run Leader directly if you are able to attend with a buggy and that the route is suitable for running with a buggy. Only buggies designed for running with may be used and they must be fitted with a five-point safety harness. You will be responsible for your child’s safety, so please be aware of the dangers of running with children in buggies.

To contact a Run Leader, please visit their RunTogether group page.

Can I run with my dog?

You will need to contact the Run Leader directly to check if they can accommodate a dog. You can find their contact details on the RunTogether Group page for the session you are attending.

Visually impaired runners and Guide Dogs

If you are a visually impaired runner, our Find a Guide service is available to help you find a qualified (volunteer) Guide Runner in you area. If you would like to run with a Guide Dog at a group run contact the Group Leader directly.

Find a Guide

I'm new to running...

Can I go along to a RunTogether Group? 

Yes, absolutely, there are lots of 'Get Me Started' groups, which begin with walk/run sessions following the Couch to 5k programme or similar. You can use the filters in the search tool to find your closest Get Me Started group.  

What if I can't keep up with the group?

Not a problem, your qualified Run Leader will be ensuring everyone is supported during the run. If you are nervous about this, give the Run Leader a call before the session to chat about it.

Do I need lots of expensive running gear to take part?

No, for safety and your comfort we would suggest getting a good pair of trainers and wearing clothes you are comfortable running in. Most people wear shorts, tracksuit bottoms or leggings, and a t-shirt along with weather dependent layers. If you are running in the dark, high visibility and bright colours are recommended. If you want some guidance you can speak with your Run Leader directly and check out this article on useful running kit

How do I know which group is suitable for me?

There are three types of run session, categorised according to pace, distance and experience:

  • Get Me Started
  • Keep Me Going
  • Challenge Me

Find a full description of each type of session here

What’s the difference between a RunTogether Group and a running club?

Typically, running groups are a great way to start running with others if you don’t feel like a running club is for you at the moment.

Groups generally operate less formally than running clubs. They often run a range of different pace sessions, which may start with a walk-run session, with the aim of building up to run for longer. However, some groups will offer faster paced / longer sessions, often as their runners gain experience and fitness.

Most RunTogether Groups do not charge an annual membership, although there may be a small charge per session, depending on the leader and facilities used by the group.

Many running clubs set up 'Get Me Started' RunTogether Groups as a friendly, accessible way to invite new runners to try running with them.


Can a running club set up a RunTogether Group?

Absolutely. RunTogether Groups have been created to encourage more people to run with others, particularly beginner runners who (we know from our research) often don’t see themselves as ‘good enough’ at running to join a club.

England Athletics encourage all running clubs to use the tools provided by RunTogether to set up groups to provide an accessible route for new runners interested in starting to run. If your club is interested in setting up a RunTogether Group, click below for instructions on how to do so.

Set up a RunTogether Group Today

How do I download the new Run Leader app?

The Run Leader app is completely FREE and available to any Run Leader operating a RunTogether Group.

For iPhone users (version 5 and above) the app is available to download via the Apple Store, simply search for 'RunTogether Group Leader' and download at your convenience.

For Android users the app is available to download via 'RunTogether Group Leader' on the App Store or Google Play.

More information can be found here 

Please note the app is only available to Run Leaders. Runners can book online via their phone or pc only. 

Where can I download marketing resources?

There are a number of free marketing templates and resources available for Run Leaders, including:

  • Poster templates
  • Business card templates
  • Roadside banner templates
  • High quality images
  • Social media toolkit

The templates can be personalised with your group information, then you can either download them for free and print them at home or order printed copies at a cost. 

You can access these from the marketing portal below, you will need to create a new account the first time you enter (login details are not the same as your RunTogether login). 

Access Marketing Resources here

Ages of runners taking part in RunTogether Groups

Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF)

England Athletics provides qualified Run Leaders with insurance cover that includes being able to cater for runners aged 12 years old and above.

Any Run Leader holding a Leadership in Running Fitness qualification will not be insured for runners under 12 years of age.

England Athletics does not recommend that children under 12 years of age take part in RunTogether Group runs. If asked, a RunTogether Group Leader should inform the parent / guardian of this recommendation, and that the group sessions are not designed to cater for younger participants. If a parent or guardian wishes to ignore this recommendation, then the Group Leader should inform them that they (the Group Leader) cannot be responsible for them during the session they have planned, as they are not appropriate for the child. The child in such case becomes the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian in any subsequent RunTogether session.

Level 2 Coach /Athletics Coach

Coaches holding a level 2 Athletics qualification or above or Athletics Coach qualification are covered to lead sessions for children aged 8 and above, however, if a Coach is operating a RunTogether Group we still advise that they only accept children aged 12 years and above.

There are a number of reasons why we advocate RunTogether Groups only cater for those aged 12 years and above; this relates to the athlete development philosophy that England Athletics and UK Athletics endorse.

More information regarding the growing child and coaching children, can be found here.


Why are there no sessions in Wales / Scotland / Northern Ireland?

RunTogether is an England Athletics initiative; our funding sources guide our work to be focused on delivering programmes in England only, however the other home nations have local programmes to support their communities: