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RunTogether in the nation’s forests

Forestry England cares for the nation’s forests for the benefit and enjoyment of all. From tall pines to ancient oaks, their forests provide a unique setting for your next run.

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Have you enjoyed a group run at one of Forestry England’s Active Forests yet?

If yes, we say ‘thank you.’ If not, we invite you to visit Forestry England’s many Active Forests, adding to the 1.2 million runs they have hosted while making great memories with your fellow RunTogether runners.

As a RunTogether partner, we are pleased to share their exciting milestone of 1.2 million runs in their Active Forests as part of their goal of getting more people physically active in our forests and woodlands. The programme has introduced a number of initiatives such as women-only Breeze into the Forest cycling groups, the Forest Runner running series, as well as a comprehensive network of way marked running trails across the England.

Running is a big part of their forests, and they are celebrating the accomplishments of all forest runners. As such, Forestry England will be continuing to get more people active in the nation's forests and we will push on with our joint project to explore exclusive opportunities for RunTogether runners and leaders. In the meantime, you can still enjoy the Active Forests now.

Well done and thanks to Forestry England’s Active Forests team for not only protecting our nation’s forests, but supporting runners to experience the benefits of running in the outdoors with fabulous scenery and routes.

But most of all, thanks to any of you who have enjoyed running in the Active Forests. This is just the start, and there are many more miles to run and memories to be made across our nations forests!

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RunTogether and Forestry England

Shaping landscapes for people, wildlife and timber. Forestry England has built over 1,800 miles of walking, running, and cycling trails, supplies England’s largest amount of sustainably sourced timber, and conserves the homes of thousands of plants and animals.

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Forestry England’s waymarked running trails

Whether you're trying to escape the hustle and bustle of city streets and sweaty gyms, or are looking for somewhere more rugged to challenge yourself, Forestry England’s waymarked running trails are the perfect place to find your rhythm.

From 1km to 10km route lengths, their running trails have been designed with both beginners and seasoned runners in mind. They provide an opportunity to run on safe, off-road, traffic-free trails in beautiful forest locations. Search for your nearest running trail below.

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Search for a Forestry England running trail

Forestry England’s waymarked running trails have been designed with both beginners and seasoned runners in mind. They provide an opportunity to run on safe, off-road, traffic-free trails in beautiful forest locations.

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Why run in the forest?

Research shows that spending just 2 hours a week in nature significantly improves our health and satisfaction. Forests are a haven to escape and are especially restorative environments. The sounds, sights and smells you experience while you run through the forest play a role in reducing stress by stimulating the senses.

Supported by Sport England and using National Lottery funding, the waymarked trails make running through the forest more accessible, so you can feel confident to hit the trails and enjoy all the benefits of being active outdoors.

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