Dealing with Negative Behaviour

  1. Just keep running - Try and stay calm and say nothing. Responding angrily can make the situation worse. Relax and enjoy your run. Chances are it will be a brief encounter they’ll pass by quickly.
  2. Change direction – It can be annoying if you are following a specific route, but consider turning back on yourself. If someone is in a vehicle and curb crawling alongside you, change direction - it will provide a very clear, yet non-confrontational message that you won’t engage with them.
  3. Carry a phone – Always run with a phone in case of emergencies. (NB We recommend that you tuck your phone away in a pocket so that it is not in full view).
  4. Seek outside help – If an individual continues to hassle you find a bystander and explain the situation. If this doesn’t diffuse the situation, or there’s no-one else around and you feel you’re in potential danger, knock at someone’s house or call 999.
  5. Run with others – Running with other people is a really fun way of feeling supported and safer. To find an organised running group in your area visit:  Our groups cater for people of all abilities and offer a friendly, welcoming opportunity to run. Share your experiences, receive support and motivation from the RunTogether community – Twitter: @RunTogether Facebook: @RunTogetherSocial

England Athletics has launched a national programme, RunTogether (, to get more people jogging and running regularly and enjoying the mental and physical health benefits this brings.

The RunTogether website provides instant access to a rapidly growing network of running groups, which offer fun, organised jogs / runs with other peoples led by qualified leaders. The structured sessions, with warm ups and cool down help to reduce injury and cater for all running levels.