Mental Heath Ambassadors

We often hear that being physically active helps our physical and mental well-being, however we also understand that having a mental health problem can make it harder to start being active, for various reasons, from motivation to confidence.

Our Mental Health Ambassador programme is a growing network of volunteer ambassadors from RunTogether groups and England Athletics affiliated running clubs who support people who are experiencing mental health problems to start running, get back into running, or continue running.

We actively promote #runandtalk, a campaign designed to:

  • Remove the stigma by getting people talking about mental health and sharing their experiences
  • Raising awareness of mental health problems

Find your local ambassador

We have over 125 ambassadors from 91 different clubs and groups across England. To find an ambassador in a group near you, click here.

Becoming an ambassador

We are committed to helping people in England to improve their well-being through running. Our aim is to work towards having a Mental Health Ambassador in every running group and club in England so that people experiencing mental health problems can access the benefits of running in a supported way. 

The role of an ambassador is:

  • Support people experiencing mental health problems to start running
  • To create a mental health action plan for your group/club
  • Organising specific events or open evenings
  • Create links with local mental health services/organisations
  • Share information on social media about #runandtalk and other related campaigns
  • Start conversations about mental health with runners in your group/club
  • Share good news stories
  • Support leaders, coaches and other volunteers with relevant guidance on mental health

If you’re interested in becoming an ambassador, click here to apply.