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AfterShokz: official headphone partner

A pioneer of running safety.

The AfterShokz Story

AfterShokz was founded in 2011, in Syracuse New York. Since then, AfterShokz has been a pioneer of bone conduction technology, with over 300 patents worldwide.

Over the years, AfterShokz has relentlessly sought to offer the best possible sports headphones and user experiences. AfterShokz are the official headphones of England Athletics, and bone conduction headphones are the only headphones allowed in their road races.


What is bone conduction technology?

Taking advantage of this natural phenomenon, bone conduction transducers guide micro-vibration through the cheekbones to the inner ears, delivering sound without plugging or covering them. It means that whilst you can comfortably run and listen to your favourite tunes, you can still be fully aware of your surroundings and listen for any danger as your ears aren’t actually blocked.


AEROPEX: The latest flagship headphone

  • Open-Ear Design: awareness + comfort like never before. You'll be able to hear traffic and any noise as your eardrums are open.
  • Enhanced Audio: deeper bass + richer tones. A whole new meaning of "bringing music to your ears". Try it to believe it.
  • Second-Skin Feel: 20% lighter design feels weightless.
  • 8 Hour Battery: Prepped + ready to surpass every goal.
  • Sweatproof: IP67 rated to handle heavy sweat + rain.

Whether you run, cycle, sprint, or hike, they provide the safest way to listen to music or podcasts without detracting from the environment around you.


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