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Order t-shirts & vests for your group!

Spring is here, which seems the perfect time to be launching our highly anticipated RunTogether t-shirts, which can be personalised with your group name.

We've also sourced high visibility vests for runners to help everyone stay safe throughout the year. In order to ensure your RunTogether Group name features consistently for all your runners and to keep prices to a minimum, we're asking you (or a nominated helper) to place the order on behalf of your runners (minimum order 10 t-shirts or 10 vests). Order them here

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Ordering high visibility vests

High visibility runner vests are very similar to the Run Leader vests. They come in one size with adjustable Velcro fasteners.

They're lightweight and breathable so they can be worn all year round to help runners to remain visible at all times. 

Runner vests are priced at £10.

Order them here

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RunTogether Group t-shirts

RunTogether t-shirts come in a quick drying,  technical self-fabric.  Men’s and women’s sizes are available, both with a crew neck and UPF 30+ UV protection.

They can be personalised with your group name on the front (e.g. Dan's Plodders).

T-shirts are priced at £15

Order t-shirts here

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We are growing!

Thanks to you and the growing family of Run Leaders who have set up RunTogether Groups, there have been over 100,000 RunTogether sessions booked since we launched in January!

Thank you for continuing to add sessions to your group pages; with over 22,000 new visitors to the RunTogether website during March looking for runs to join, it's fantastic to see so many sessions available to book.

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RunTogether Group of the Month: RunTogether Worthing

We are delighted to announce that RunTogether Worthing are April's Group of the Month. Their website is filled with information in a friendly, welcoming tone of voice, clearly stating what the runs will entail. They have lots of live sessions and pictures of the Run Leaders taking each session - this can be helpful for new runners so they know who to look for when they arrive for the first time.  The Group have also updated their Facebook and Twitter pages with clear RunTogether branding, making them easy to find and interact with from the national RunTogether social media pages.

RunTogether on social media

We love seeing what RunTogether Groups are up to on social media. Here's a great example from RTW Runners.

Their Twitter account has the RunTogether logo as the profile image and the link to their RunTogether Group page is clearly in the description.  They share relevant content from the national account and regularly post updates to their followers. Keep up the great work

Download the social media toolkit here 

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RunTogether routes upload

You can now share your running routes with both your existing runners and potential new runners looking to join your group. New runners often find it helpful to see the route you will be running in advance.

You can upload routes to your Group pages by using the ‘Routes’ option within the RunTogether admin area. Once uploaded, each route will appear in the ‘Our routes’ section of your pages on the RunTogether site. 

Introducing #EveryMilestoneMatters 

RunTogether is passionate about celebrating achievements, whether that's the first time a runner has kept going for a minute without stopping or a marathon PB. #EveryMilestoneMatters is our way of connecting the community and encouraging every runner to share and celebrate their achievements.
Our  wonderful Ambassador, Alex Rotas, recently celebrated a huge milestone with RunTogether Chew Valley Snails as they completed their graduation 5K run. 

If you, your group or one of your runners are working towards a personal goal or target race, we’d love to hear about your journey. Email

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New blog post!

Are you or members of your group training for a specific event?

Check out our latest blog post by RunTogether Ambassador, Jessie Pavelka. You’ll find a number of tips to help prepare mentally and physically for the big day.

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Celebrating a the Mental Health Ambassador programme one year on...

A year since its launch, there are now over 290 Mental Health Ambassadors in 210 different England Athletics affiliated clubs and RunTogether Groups across the country!

This  growing network of volunteers support others who are experiencing mental health challenges to start running, return to, or continue running.

The success of the Mental Health Ambassador (MHA) programme was celebrated (pictured left) by the Sport and Recreation Alliance at an event to mark the second anniversary of the Mental Health Charter. 

Each year more than 500,000 women take part in more than 300 Cancer Research UK Race for Life events across the UK – either 5K, 10K or Pretty Muddy obstacle course runs. Many of these women are new or potential new runners - we know that approximately two thirdsof Race for Life participants run/ jog and a third walk.

We hope to give more ladies the confidence to run in their chosen event and to continue running after the event by inviting women across the country to join a RunTogether Group as they prepare for their event.
The RunTogether Group search box  is now live on Race for Life training pages.

Cancer Research UK are also promoting RunTogether Groups to all participants in England in a email sent six weeks before their event

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Need help? We're here to support you!
Following lots of valuable feedback, we've developed the RunTogether website and marketing templates to help make your life easier (no more paper forms - hurrah!).  To help you get the most out of them, we've got a range of support available:

Run Leader Toolkit 
Social Media Toolkit
Zen Desk - online guides
Marketing templates & logos
Create your Group logo
Phone & email support