Running with up to 6 people

(with social distancing rules adhered to)

Following the latest guidance set out by the government in relation to social distancing rules and COVID-19, you are now able to meet with five other people from outside your household to exercise outdoors while following social distancing guidelines.

And what this means for you as a RunTogether Run Leader or Runner is that you can now use RunTogether again BUT only for groups of up to six runners (1 Run leader and 5 runners) with social distancing rules adhered to.

As a Run Leader you list your session (and you can list as many sessions as you want) via the website or your Run Leader App as normal but limit the group to five runners.
Please check our Leader guidance document here (PDF 220kB)

As a Runner you book onto the small group session listed by your Run Leader, again using the website or the Runner App.
Please check our Runner guidance document here (PDF 220kB)

Each small group run must be led by a Run Leader, just as you would have done so pre Covid-19, to ensure both the Leader and Runner are insured (when using RunTogether).

And of course you don’t have to use RunTogether to do any small group runs but wouldn’t it be nice to be running as part of RunTogether again, albeit each run there will only be six of you (including your Run Leader). And fingers crossed we will soon be able to run with more people as part of a RunTogether session.

But please don’t forget, at all times, you must continue to observe social distancing guidelines when you are outside your home, including ensuring you are 2 metres away from anyone outside your household. Remember if anyone has symptoms or lives with someone that has symptoms, they should not take part and follow guidance from their GP.