RunTogether challenges came about during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our current virtual running challenge - open to groups and individuals - is the Weekly 30 Challenge.

Weekly30 Run Challenge

Weekly30 Run Challenge has reached the finish line (June 2021)!

With running activity resuming and Covid-19 restrictions easing, the virtual Weekly30 Run Challenge has reached its finish line! Thank you to the hundreds of participants who motivated themselves, and others, to run for 30 minutes each weekend in a bid to keep running, stay active and help their mental wellbeing through the pandemic.

Click here to read the final report.


Some statistics from the full Weekly30 competition
(28 weeks in 2020 and 22 weeks in 2021):

Total distance (group)
1st: Notts Women Runners (10,385km) 2nd: Ready2Run Eden (1,149km) 3rd: MadRunners (1,086km

Total distance and wins (women)
Sofia Poole - 273km (15 wins) | Paula Simpson - 245km (6 wins) | Patricia Ellis - 230km | Amy McCarthy (10 wins)

Total distance and wins (men)
Ronnie Irwin - 269km (24 wins) | Mark Hurst - 256km (13 wins) | Kieron McKenna - 245km

Group-owned challenges

Our groups have been busy over the last year creating their own challenges and virtual running events in times when they’ve not been able to run together. We’ve highlighted just a few of many group challenges – check them out below:

Please keep tagging us in your running challenges - we love to see what you’re all getting up to and feel inspired by your continued positivity during this difficult time. And who knows, your challenge might inspire other groups to do something similar. Happy running everyone!

Run Redbourn are keeping the January blues at bay!

Run Redbourn are taking on a running challenge in January to run at least 19 times. There are over 90 members taking part and are all split into 4 teams. Check out their Instagram page where they’re sharing all of their members amazing selfies and Strava Art.


Run Redbourn.png

Tewkesbury Jolly Jeffers ‘Through the camera lens’!

Runners were given the task to take pictures on their runs during lockdown with familiar places/buildings that they normally run past on their group runs around Tewkesbury – the person with the most pictures was awarded a prize!

Tewkesbury Jolly Jeffers.PNG

Worlingham Road Runners – Tier 4 emoji board challenge

Being in Tier 4 presents its challenges but Worlingham Road Runners didn’t let it stop them from running and chatting virtually! At the end of December, their members were given the challenge to take part in activities which are emojis! We like the sound of running to get a takeaway – keep up the great work team!

Worlingham Road Runners.PNG