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Pledge your #SeptemberGoals today!

September is the perfect time to set yourself a running goal. Whether that's your first km without stopping or your group collectively covering the marathon distance. We've got some great incentives to keep you motivated...

Welcome to #SeptemberGoals where you simply pledge your running goal, share it with us on social media and you could be one of:

  • 1,500 runners to receive a RunTogether medal

  • 15 runners / RunTogether groups to feature on outdoor media around the country (just like RunTogether Sawtry Walk to Run featured on a billboard on the London Marathon route, earlier this year) 

  • 10 runners to receive a one month gym pass for DW Fitness First


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All you have to do is:

1. Pledge! Simply download and print a pledge sheet here then share a photograph of yourself with your personal September running goal with RunTogether on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #SeptemberGoals. Your pledge can be anything from an individual goal to get out for your first group run, to your RunTogether group pledging to collectively run the distance from Birmingham to Manchester during the course of September. We believe #EveryMilestoneMatters

2. Run! Lace up and smash your #SeptemberGoals. We'd love to hear how you're getting on so please tag @RunTogetherSocial on Facebook and @RunTogether_ on Twitter and Instagram using #SeptemberGoals

3. Rewards! Claim your reward by sharing a photograph of yourself after a run with your pledge sheet and share it with us on one of the RunTogether social channels, alongside #SeptemberGoals and #SmashedIt We will then be in touch to ask for your address to send you your RunTogether medal

When you're ready to share you pledge , you'll find our social media pages here:

Facebook RunTogetherSocial

Twitter @RunTogether_

Instagram @RunTogether_

If you have any questions about how to pledge or if you don't use social media and still want to get involved, please email

Full terms and conditions can be found here. In addition:

  • To claim your RunTogether medal you must be registered on the RunTogether website. If you're not already registered, you can do so here (free of charge!)
  • A maximum of one medal per runner will be sent during this campaign period
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